SLEEP CBD Drops - 1700mg CBD + 300mg CBN - HONEY CHAMOMILE

SLEEP CBD Drops - 1700mg CBD + 300mg CBN - HONEY CHAMOMILE

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Cultivated and used medicinally throughout the world, the chamomile plant has long been utilized for its calming effects. We’ve combined Chamomile, 1700 mg of CBD and 300 mg of CBN to create the perfect Sleep Drops. Our CBD Sleep Drops have Zero THC, Zero Pesticides and Zero Heavy Metals.


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1700mg CBD / 300mg CBN / 30ml / 1 oz


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We developed Rove Remedies products through a genuine desire to make you feel better, with ZERO THC. 



Full spectrum is the way to go. Anyone claiming that CBD doesn't do anything has no idea what's going on. I wish nothing but the best for them. But know this: They are dead wrong. CBD is popping up everywhere for a reason. Because it works. For everything!

Anaheim, CA

This is one of the best CBD oils I have ever used. I had a hip replacement several years ago and decided to add CBD to my pain relief regimen.

Phoenix, AZ