Delta 8 All-In-One Vaporizer - 1 Gram - White Berry

Delta 8 All-In-One Vaporizer - 1 Gram - White Berry

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Want something with a little more kick? Try our new Delta 8 THC vaporizers. 

While you might have heard about the intoxicating effects of marijuana, Delta 8 also provides similar effects; however, they are mild. So, if you are looking to kick it up a notch, Delta 8 will prove an excellent choice given its gentle buzz along with the effects of euphoria and relaxation.

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1 Gram Cartridge

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We developed Rove Remedies products through a genuine desire to make you feel better, with ZERO THC. 



Full spectrum is the way to go. Anyone claiming that CBD doesn't do anything has no idea what's going on. I wish nothing but the best for them. But know this: They are dead wrong. CBD is popping up everywhere for a reason. Because it works. For everything!

Anaheim, CA

This is one of the best CBD oils I have ever used. I had a hip replacement several years ago and decided to add CBD to my pain relief regimen.

Phoenix, AZ